Culture and Team Fit

 Almost 80% of recruiters say personality and culture-fit are important candidate qualities, far above skillsets. Personality profiling and “predictive indexing” can help, but most tests are now obsolete and can't ensure proper job or team fit.

Finding the Bedst Talent

Over 63% of recruiters say that finding the right talent is their biggest problem and each job attracts 250+ resumes, but less

than 6 get interviews. Finding and

hiring the right talent, while reducing the cost and time, remains a top challenge.

High Costly Turnover

  Over 95% of all firms, large or small, have made serious and costly “bad hires.” When a bad hire is made, studies show that replacing one employee can cost 50% to 400% of their annual salary while impacting revenue for months.

Neuroscience Profiling

 Improving productivity starts with hiring the right people and placing them on the right teams. This requires personality profiling that transcends outdated observational systems by employing the latest neuroscience-based profiling.

Personalized Recruiting Guide

Attracting and engaging with talent requires the ability to persuade by personalizing messaging. Imagine a neuroscience-based recruitment messaging guide to help you attract and persuade candidates to join your team. 

Talent Engagement Platform

Finding and attracting the best talent requires the ability to see more than just skillsets. Imagine a team dashboard to view personality traits, qualifications, stress and health levels, leadership situations, team optimization, and more. 



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