Gallup reports that highly engaged workplaces see 20% higher sales, 21% higher overall profitability, 10% higher customer ratings, and 67% lower turnover. 



Organizations are spending $74 billion per year on employee engagement solutions but still losing $7 trillion on lost productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and healthcare. Research shows this is primarily due to high stress and low trust in the workplace. Gallup says highly engaged employees “are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.” Unfortunately, they also report only 15% as fully engaged. That means everyone else is either checked out or only giving a modest effort. Why should you care? Because a $100M firm with highly engaged employees could increase revenue by $20M without increasing staff. Disengagement also leads to high turnover, which is why the typical firm loses 19% of their employees each year at a average cost of 1X salary according to JP Griffin. For digital transformation, firms wasted $900B in 2018 as 70% of initiatives failed due to inadequate employee engagement.


Many organizations are turning to traditional and disparate engagement solutions for surveys, metrics, recognition, talent development, transformation, recruiting, personality profiling, customer acquisition, and wellness. However, none of these solutions leverage the latest neuroscience and almost none are integrated into a single engagement platform. Also, most are “bad in equals bad out.” Most employees, candidates, or customers don’t like taking surveys and despite promised anonymity, they don’t answer truthfully. These surveys use generic questions to create dashboards or reports that offer little visibility into key factors like personality types, job or prospect qualification, stress and trust levels, diet and fitness levels, leadership development situations, personality profile balancing, team optimization, and more. It’s not enough to know whether someone “says” they are engaged or appear to be a good fit for your firm, especially if the input is not accurate.


Leadership development, recognition and rewards programs, and talent management solutions often suffer from the same "one-size-fits-all" problems, and Rand and Harvard studies show most wellness and transformation programs fail to deliver an ROI. Traditional personality profiling systems, such Myers-Briggs, Strengths FInder, DiSC, etc,  are also outdated as they use observational science that dates back to the 1940s rather than the latest neuroscience. No wonder the Starr Intelligence Unit says: “Everything that’s ever been thrown at employee engagement has failed to make a dent.”


Research by leading neuroscientists validates that employees with higher levels of trust and lower levels of stress are 50% more productive and 76% more engaged. For a $100M firm, even 10% higher engagement, especially for sales teams, could translate to a $10M revenue increase. Any engagement platform should improve productivity in three key areas:

  1. RECRUITING: Improving productivity starts with hiring the right people and placing them on the right teams. This requires personality profiling that transcends outdated observational systems by employing the latest neuroscience. For example, an "unfocused" person may also have excellent predictive and analytical skills. Certain "perfectionist" types are ill suited for creative teams but are perfect for QA. Moreover, teams perform best when properly balanced. Imagine a 10-minute web/mobile test that can help you find the best talent and place them on the right team. Now also imagine a recruitment messaging guide to help you attract and "close" candidates.
  2. RETENTION: Most employees loathe taking surveys, and despite promised anonymity, they don't answer accurately. A system with a fancy dashboard is worthless if the input is faulty. Virtually no solutions consider or adjust for personality traits. For example, creative types and perfectionists are polar opposites and will answer questions far differently. One-size-fits-all systems are outdated and inaccurate and rarely include everything needed to empower and maintain ongoing engagement and drive digital transformation success. Imagine a complete platform with neuroscience-personalized surveys and engagement portals that include wellness, leadership development, and productivity content created by neuroscientists, leadership coaches, corporate executives, certified IT & sales trainers, and nutritionists.
  3. REVENUE: Almost no sale can be made without some form of customer engagement. This is especially true for complex B2B sales. Traditional sales frameworks, such as The Challenger Sale, Miller Heiman, Sandler, etc. are now outdated due to advances in Account-Based Marketing, LinkedIn Social Selling, and Storytelling. Rather than replace these systems, consider augmenting them with a new approach called FROG Selling that personalizes engagement, content, and training using the latest neuroscience-storytelling. Imagine an engagement system, proven across a decade and thousands of sales pros and channel partners, that improves lead conversion rates by 4X and lowers sales cycles by an average of 24%.


If you love your current solution, no problem, we easily integrate with and augment almost any platform, including HRIS. By adding our system, proven results validate a typical 15 to 75% increase for recruiting, retention and revenue. These are lofty promises, and skepticism is understandable, which is why we offer a no-cost basic platform and a low-cost pilot program and a money back guarantee. We also have several proven case studies and client endorsements. Contact us today to find out more.


We offer a NO-COST basic platform and a low-cost pilot program for our advanced platform that takes less than one week to implement and has a money-back guarantee. Contact us to today to learn more.  


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Matt Damon personal trainer for The Bourne Identity

 Michael helped me become a lean, mean, fighting machine for The Bourne Identity. 


Al Pacino personal trainer

“Mike's incredible style of fitness training and knowledge of nutrition has made me healthier.” 


Kim Catrall personal trainer for Sex in the City

"Mike helped me rehabilitate my bad back and get in great shape for Sex in the City.” 


Mike Tortia certified trainer for hollywood's elite

Our fitness program director is a certified trainer for Hollywood's elite & the CEO of Operation Fitness.


Dr. German Fresco, PhD neuroscientist and certified nutritionist

Our nutritional program director is a PhD neuroscientist & certified nutritionist.


William Craig Reed New York Times bestselling author and certified leadership coach

Our leadership training director is a New York Times bestselling author & certified leadership coach.

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 "[Their] team was outstanding. They engaged with, trained and helped motivate dozens of our leading channel partners, executed several large...programs to perfection, and leveraged cutting-edge neuroscience leadership to dramatically improve lead conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase our closing percentages."
—Director of Sales


"They designed and directed a series of very successful leadership training workshops for dozens of prospects and for our teams that were enlightening, entertaining, and motivating. They also provided best practice guidance and several templates and tools that were extremely useful. I highly recommend them as an excellent partner in leadership development programs."  —Regional Director



"[They] helped us increase results, stay within budgets, and support our campaign launches by helping us with evaluating, creating, managing, and optimizing our partner marketing. [They]  were a valuable member of our team and I highly recommend them for a similar role in other technology firms."   —Director of Partner Marketing



"Their leadership approach is an effective way for sales reps to improve their ability to captivate prospects and customers and close deals. Their training takes our natural conversational thought process and turns it into a 'sales tool' that can be easily retained and used by sales reps."  

—Vice President, Sales


 "[Their] team has been a critical partner in my team's success in driving Symantec sales transformation. We set very aggressive targets and timelines to improve the global salesforce’s effectiveness and productivity. [Their] team provided us with insights, guidance, and high-quality solutions that enabled us to realize significant gains in our sales team's ability to execute. I highly recommend [their] team for any sales or marketing executive looking to drive sales enablement." —Sr. Director of Global Enablement



[Their] team helped us build and implement a world-class lead nurturing program. Beyond that, their expertise and experience helped ensure that the program resonated with our specific target prospects to achieve the best results possible.”
—Product Marketing Director


 "Their approach is unique from your run-of-the-mill consulting firm. Their use of neuroscience messaging, engagement surveys and social selling and profiling has made a huge impact. There wasn’t a learning curve when we originally began working with them a number of years ago because [the] team knows and understands the technology and all of the key partners we work with."
—Vice President, Marketing



“…a unique, quality-driven approach...that stays focused on the task at hand - generating great opportunities for our partners.” —Product Manager


Certified Leadership Coaches

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