Account-Based Marketing

ABM requires personalization to engage with decision-makers. A SiriusDecisions VP says "generic marketing" doesn't work. How can you use ABM neuromarketing to personalize content, engage prospects, and improve lead conversion rates?

Storytelling Content

 The London School of Business verified that buyers retain 70% of an effective sales story and only 5% of factual value propositions. If your competitors are better storytellers, they’re remembered and get the sale and you don't. 

Sales Enablement

 Sales leaders say that creating value and insights during the prospect conversation is one of their biggest challenges. Reps that spend hours on portals trying to find tools and content have 21% lower lead acceptance and 36% less lead conversion.  

FROG ABM Engagement

 If you had a team of award-winning writers, consultants, and neuroscientists editing copy and coaching your team, could you increase engagement by 216%? 

FROG Storytelling

 If you had Certified Advanced ABM Strategists & New York Times bestselling storytellers could you increase customer  retention and engagement by 1400%?  

FROG Sales Enablement

 If you had interactive, personalized, and just-in-time sales playbooks, could your reps teach, tailor, and take control to improve lead conversion rates by 312%?  


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