Sales Reps Don't Teach

 Gartner says sales professionals today need to teach prospects by challenging them but the Training Industry says most reps lack the training and coaching to engage prospects properly.  

Sales Teams Can't Convert

  A decade of research verifies that most salespersons default to a canned "here's what we do" approach, which is why 80% of leads are never converted to sales and sales cycles are now much longer. 

Sales Pros Miss Quotas

 B2B sales executives site lengthening sales cycles, when sales reps don't properly engage prospects, as the #1 reason for leadership stress and missed sales team quotas.  

FROG Selling

 Could you shorten sales cycles by 24% if neuroscience experts taught your sales teams how to better engage by using neuroscience-storytelling to teach and motivate prospects to act now?  

FROG Sales Enablement

 What if a patent-pending prospect survey system with engaging content motivated prospects to engage using detailed surveys that personalized sales enablement tools and messaging?  

FROG Sales Playbooks

 If you had interactive, personalized, and just-in-time sales playbooks and content, could your reps better engage to improve lead conversion rates by 312% and sales quota attainment by 54%? 


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