High Stress, Low Trust

Executives are spending millions on employee engagement solutions but still losing millions on productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and healthcare. Research shows this is mostly due to high stress and low trust in the workplace.  

Low Productivity

According to research from Gallup and others, only 15% to 34% of employees are engaged. Even executives who believe engagement is high admit that despite promised survey anonymity, employees often don't answer questions truthfully.

Costly Disparate Solutions

 Many firms use disparate solutions for surveys, metrics, recognition, talent development, recruiting, personality profiling, and wellness. However, none leverage neuroscience and few are integrated into a single platform.  

High Trust, Low Stress

 Validated research by leading neuroscientists show that employees with higher levels of trust and lower levels of stress are 50% more productive and 76% more engaged. Is there a single and affordable platform that can deliver this?

High Engagement, Low Cost

Gallup says engaged employees drive 20% higher revenue and profits. What if there was an affordable platform with visibility into profile attributes, employee qualifications, stress and trust levels, leadership development, and more?

Proven Results

 Proven results across dozens of firms large and small show 15 to 50% increases in engagement, productivity, and revenue. Results can be validated in less than one quarter with a low-cost pilot program and a money back guarantee



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